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The funeral service in Huonville that cares about your wishes

We take care of everything so that you can focus on being with your family and loved ones in your times of grief

For funeral services in the Huon and Channel area, Huon Funerals takes care of the organisation so you have the time and space in which to grieve. We understand how difficult it is when one of your loved ones pass away. We provide services that reflect the wishes of the deceased and their friends and family. We also understand how financially devastating a death can be, so we aim to reduce your funeral costs so that you don't have to worry about finances.

Huonville Tasmania

Arrangements on offer

Practices and rituals vary greatly between cultures, communities and individuals. We provide everything in accordance with the wishes of the friends and family. We can organise simple to elaborate ceremonies, depending upon your wishes.  We;

  • Transport the deceased to a mortuary
  • Prepare the body to your specifications
  • Discuss the funeral wishes with family and friends
  • Organise the logistics of the funeral ceremony
  • Arrange preparation of the remains including ordering plaques and placement of cremated remains
Huon Funerals are proud members of AFDA

Respectful services

Huon Funerals have been serving the Huon and Channel area since 1977. In this time we have always delivered Personal Caring service to the many families who have called on our expertise.

Our professional staff are respectful of your needs and will make arrangements for you to give your loved one a dignified goodbye. We are fully aware of how painful and difficult death is, so we are compassionate and sensitive to your needs. For a funeral service in Huonville and the surrounding Channel area, allow yourself the space to grieve and entrust us with the details.

For more information concerning our funeral services in the Huon, Channel and surrounding areas please feel free to contact us.

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